Leader and co-leader: Stéphane REQUENA (PRACE – GENCI) and Norbert Kroll (DRL).

Objectives: extend, refine and produce application roadmap.  WP3 is responsible to:

  • Investigate key application breakthroughs, quantify their societal, environmental and economical impacts and perform a gap analysis between current situation and Exascale targets;
  • Evaluate scientific and industrial community R&D activities, notably application redesign and development of multiscale/multiphysics frameworks;
  • Foster the structuration of scientific communities at European level.
  • Integrate cartography update through continuous use of network

Sub tasks :
T3.1: WG Industrial and engineering applications;
T3.2: WG Weather, Climatology and Earth Sciences;
T3.3: WG Fundamental Sciences;
T3.4: WG Life Science & Health;
T3.5: WG Disruptive technologies;
T3.6: Coordination.