The consortium acts as external and independent representative of the European Exascale community.
EESI ambition is to support Europe exascale computing strategy by providing the appropriate guidance to build such capability and let Europe remain ahead of competition.

EESI2 is the second initiative of the type. The objectives of this project, is to focus on software key issues improvement, cross-cutting issues advances, and gap analysis.

EESI2 aims to:

  1. Contribute to the coordination and the monitoring of the European Exascale Open Source software production, towards an implementation.
  2. Produce a dynamic updated roadmap of Exascale industrial applications, Exascale applications for Climate, earth sciences, fundamental physics, life science with a particular emphasis on the breakthroughs and gap analysis.
  3. Produce a roadmap of Numerical Libraries, Software eco-system, scientific software engineering and programmability. Once again, emergence of breakthroughs in linear or non linear algebra or in particle simulation for example, will be monitored ex: eigenvalues of tensors?
  4. Follow up of research program in massively parallel stochastic programming, Uncertainties, Power, Performance, Data management, Resilience, with a particular emphasis on the breakthroughs and gap analysis.
  5. Exchange and dissemination
  6. Act as a pro-active European voice in the international community and propose an International Exascale Software InitiativePrepare periodic synthesis by key issues – Recommendations for EC, Funding agencies and R&D stakeholders