Disruptive technologies

The following recommendations are suggested to easily take-up disruptive technologies whenever available:

  • I/O and Memory disruption: analyse alternatives to parallel file systems, set application I/O functionalities at an higher level (Data container) or better data locality, promote tiered memory and I/O systems
  • Cooling technologies and facility management:
 energy aware monitoring systems, schedulers and applications.  Join efforts with energy company, or re-use heat.
  • Network infrastructure: adaptive topology to enhance the routing capability, active network chips to process “on the fly” data, direct end-to-end data exchange technology could reduce overheads and congestions
  • Data transfer: photonic technology adoption and HPC and BigData synergy may accelerate the roadmap
  • Semiconductor technology:
 fine grain resource management could  mitigate extreme parallelism, tiny “codelets” like dataflow or intelligent scheduling close to data could avoid costly movements.