Power & performance

Joint academia and industry efforts are needed to deliver outcomes such as Performance Application Programming Interface (PAPI), best practices or benchmarks that will guide the improvements in energy efficiency.

Developers should be trained and helped with manual of tips and tricks for green programming.

By-en-large, experts and Centres of Excellence in performance analysis will support the wider community of users to make efficient use of Exascale systems

Support the development of standard interfaces for power monitoring and power management at all levels of the system architecture. This would need to involve industry and academia. This joined effort will have several outcomes, which could include extensions to performance monitoring standards, such as the Performance Application Programming Interface (PAPI), or the creation of a set of best practices on how to operate systems in an energy efficient manner. This effort should also produce energy efficiency benchmarks to guide and monitor the improvements in energy efficiency.

Define major training and education initiative to prepare developers to face the power wall challenge by applying energy-aware programming techniques. A manual of tips and tricks for green programming would also be an extremely valuable resource for the HPC community.

We need more experts and professional HPC developers to support the wider community with the more efficient use of the expensive Peta and Exascale systems.

Centres of Excellence in performance analysis should be created to help users get acquainted with the available tools, with one-to-one hands-on tutorials provided by tools experts. Ideally these would be based on the users’ own codes.