Key R&D programs for Exascale

EESI expertise and deep studies helps to build an Exascale computing capability in Europe and leads the way at a worldwide level in the transformation of society and industry.

Experts have investigated state-of-the-art of world development to detect disruptive technologies, cross cutting issues, numerical processing and software engineering. Such knowledge has enabled to build a gap analysis, provide orientations and monitoring of R&D actions and training.

Following its vision of a data centric approach, EESI2 has led the way toward exascale by funding and chairing an international initiative on Big Data, and issuing its recommendations.

EESI2 proposes 8 recommendations for R&D programs to implement efficient exascale applications and the development of supporting software environments:

5 absolutely critical programs:

  • Ultra scalable algorithms,
  • Resilience,
  • Big Data,
  • Couplers,
  • High productivity programming models.

3 high priorities:

  • Mini apps,
  • Software Engineering Methods for High- Performance Computing
  • Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification.

At the end of EESI2, the new data centric approach give more recommentations related to the 3 pillars for exascale.