Cross cutting issues recommendations

Scope: while EESI experts were investigating Applications (WP3) and Enabling Technologies (WP4) they identified issues that are transversal to the different activities.

Given the importance of those topics, the structure of the project has been adapted to integrate join efforts into a specific work package.

Indeed five cross cutting issues will have an impact on the Exascale roadmap:

  • Data management and exploration
  • Uncertainties (UQ/V&V)
  • Power & Performance
  • Resilience
  • Disruptive technologies


  • transformational algorithms to address extreme concurrency, asynchronous parallel data movement and access patterns
  • advanced data analytics algorithms

This area is still being investigating in terms of state of the art, and gap analysis.
Findings are expected to be produced by the end of the EESI2 project in May 2015.