The 21st century has entered into the digital revolution. Billions of people, educated, equipped to satisfy most of their needs, are now connected.

The multitude of information, problems, interconnections are transforming past social and economical order.

Leading companies are no more driving alone their industry sector. Technology companies, administrations, service companies, associations, people but also objects can cooperate in the jest of an eye to capture and deliver value.
Most of industries require new applications: prototyping new aerodynamic automobile or airplane, inventing pharmaceutical drugs, microprocessors, computers, monitoring implantable medical devices, managing golf clubs, and household appliances.
Beyond products industrial-business processes have to change e.g., finding and extracting oil and gas, manufacturing consumer products, modelling complex financial scenarios and investment instruments, planning store inventories for large retail chains, creating animated films, and forecasting the weather.
Considering the exponential growth rate of such multitude it is clear that the capacity to process at a new scale, in the range of exascale, is a key success factor of Europe Economy.