The European Exascale Software Initiative was born in 2008 after the FP7 first call. It has been accepted as a support action of the 7th Framework Programme for Research.
The first initiative was conducted by Total.


From 2008 to 2011, the first initiative of the type federated the European community and built a preliminary cartography, vision and roadmap of HPC technology and software challenges in Europe.

The partners:



From 2012 to 2015, EESI2, the second funded FP7 project, has gone a step further toward implementation. EESI2 has established a structure to gather the European community, to provide periodically cartography, roadmaps and recommendations, and to identify and follow-up concrete impacts of R&D projects.

EESI1 Final conference- Barcelona 10-11 October 2011

eesi1The EESI1 work, the recommendations and vision have been presented during the conference, opened by M. Campolargo (European Commission DG INFSO) who recalled the importance of this event for the future and the necessity of a joint effort.