Cross-cutting issues

Leader and co-leader: Giovanni ERBACCI (PRACE – CINECA) and Franck Cappello (PRACE – INRIA).

Objectives: create and manage study on cross cutting issues for Exascale development to push the Exascale software initiative with the objectives of:

  • Define Data management and exploration specific issues roadmap
  • Define actions and follow up of projects on uncertainties
  • Identify power management impact on the system design and on programmability
  • Define concrete actions for coupling Architecture-Algorithm-Application at best
  • Define concrete fault tolerance objectives at system and application level
  • Survey new hardware and software technologies in order to monitor technologies that could influence the design of Exascale systems
  • Integrate within WP tasks, cartography update through continuous use of network

T5.1: WG Data management and exploration;
T5.2: WG Uncertainties;
T5.3: WG Power & Performance;
T5.4: WG Resilience;
T5.5: WG Disruptive technologies;
T5.6: Coordination.